Senior Instructor

Tim Davies

Tim Davies is a former fighter pilot and fast jet flying instructor with a 20 year career in the Royal Air Force. Now a Performance Coaching specialist, he delivers training and courses to individuals and teams to maximise their abilities in the workplace and the home.

Need to Level-Up and TAKE BACK CONTROL?

The SPIN Recovery Programme is 12 Weeks of online training led by a former RAF fighter pilot. It will change YOUR mindset, develop YOUR motivation and place YOU in a small group of likeminded and ACCOUNTABLE Warriors!

Bonus material

Not JUST any online course!

  • Course Instructor

    Tim Davies spent 20 years in the Royal Air Force developing his leadership and instructional skills on the Tornado GR4 bomber and the Hawk training aircraft. For the last decade, Tim was the most senior RAF Flying Instructor on the largest fast jet Squadron in Northern Europe, responsible for the standards and leading the training of 80 pilots.

  • Course Timings

    The 12 Week Course is delivered at a time that is set by your team - YOU choose your session times! Once completed, you are automatically granted privileged entry into the 'Warriors' Cave' with other previous SPIN participants. There you will find a treasure trove of knowledge that will continue to lead you on an upwards trajectory of taking control of your life once again.

  • Course Size

    Small bespoke guided courses of 4 to 6 men lead to unique training and accountability opportunities where you set your own goals supported by your SPIN Team colleagues. ALL sessions are recorded and downloadable to YOUR SPIN Team ONLY, for future review.